Have you ever considered spreading happiness? We all have a gut instinct of what happiness is, but how often do we consciously think about offering it to strangers?

Well now you can through the innovative and fun postcard happiness project. This is a free initiative that enables people to send postcards to others who could benefit from a little postal kindness. Just think, with just a few minutes effort and through a single postcard you could help bring a smile to someone who could do with a bit of cheering up. The site is updated regularly with the details of people who could do with some positive vibes coming their way. Once you’ve sent off your card, let the organiser of the site know so she can keep track of how many messages are on their way.

I like writing so I could not resist taking part in this fun, alternative writing project. You don’t even have to use a standard postcard to get involved. Instead you can create your own unique cards with items like Posticks – a kind of DIY postcard sticker that’s available from the site (I thought it sounded like Poohsticks at first!). Then you can miraculously turn anything of the right size into your own special post card. Imagine the fun, wacky cards you can create by doing that! 

If you know someone who could benefit from a positive message to make them feel better, why not consider nominating them on the postcard happiness project site? It will be a nice surprise for them to know that there are still people out there in the big bad world who believe in offering kindness. We are led to believe that happiness is in short supply, but it’s not true as now you can create it with just a postcard!